September 9, 2016


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Energy Healing for faster recovery –

Physical aches, pains, discomfort, infections, ailments, surgeries, allergies, inflammations

1.Body heals itself.
2.Prana accelerate the healing.
3.Energy follows thought.

– ‘The principle of self-recovery’. Your physical body has the ability to heal itself. With the technique of this energy healing the natural healing process of your physical body is accelerated hence enabling you to recover faster.

“Time is money. Health is wealth. We take care of your time and health which leads to more money and wealth”

It’s already known that more than 90% physical illness is psychosomatic.
The ancient Indian knowledge talks about the existence of 5 koshas(panch koshas). The lowest of the vehicles is the Annamaya Kosha or the Physical Body followed by the Pranamaya Kosha, the Energy Body. It is as if the Energy Body and the Physical Body are made for each other. Thus, in theosophy they are called Etheric Double. What happens in one body affects the other body. Within the Energy Body is the Physical Body that is the Energy Body is the mould for the physical body. Therefore, it is very clear the ailments in the physical body have their consequent effect in the Energy body and vice versa.

While all the knowledge is ancient, only what is relevant & important in terms of practicality in the present lower mental age has to be considered. (ascending Dwapara Yuga as per Sri Yukteshwar Giri)


Great results are seen in healing a person when combined with traditional medicines, right diet & right  breathing exercise.

“Healing”term means- With the knowledge & techniques of Energy Body and Prana, one can accelerate the speed of recovery of an ailing person.
This process of accelerated healing of energy body can be done for oneself or others.
However the law of receptivity plays an important part in healing others,whereas the law of entitlement plays an important part in both.
One needs to have or can even generate in case one doesn’t have karmic entitlement to make the most of this accelerated healing technique. This is a very simple law – you get what you sow , you don’t get what you didn’t sow. Simple example- If one has dis-ease, then help some one needy to overcome their dis-ease. How can you help – Pay their medical bills.

Disclaimer- The healing practitioner’s using Yoga Prana Vidya are not medical doctors. Hence they should not interfere with the medical treatment of the patients. They must refrain from advising them to stop the medicine or change prescriptions or prescribe medicines unless they are themselves medical doctors. There are multiple causes for various aliments. Thus, concluding diagnosis of aliments has to be totally avoided using the techniques based on only energy. However, the energy diagnostics help one in assessing the energy condition which may or may not be physicalized yet. Based on the energy condition, even preventive healing is possible.

Emotional healing- Be it dis-ease at physical level or emotional level, why live in it when you can fix it?
To get back into peaceful state after any perturbed emotions is something which takes time. Every individual response in different way.The key is not to live with it.
EMOTIONAL HEALING – everyone has some kind of emotional setback be it fears, phobia, trauma, anger, stress, irritation, frustration etc. Gone are the times when a person has to live with it for entire life. Removal of these blocks from the root produces permanent cure hence enabling you to attract new positive pattern. “Gain the absolute emotional clarity and express your heart freely, Again…!”
Psychological Healing – Addiction depression
RELATIONSHIP HEALING- the ability to let go and forgive is not easy with our conscious mind and by just verbally forgiving the harmony isn’t restored mostly. Energetic approach not only makes it faster but more harmonious. Increase harmony in all your relations be it with family, friends, spouse, kids, boss, employees, in-laws etc. “Don’t give away the power to others to affect your Mental Peace.”
FINANCIAL HEALING- Financial issues makes a person learn and improve their “attitude towards money”. Addressing the fears and insecurities of money, limiting belief regarding receiving money, money patterns like inability to earn or save, tendency to over spend and most important being ethical and earning with integrity. “Don’t work for money, make money work for you.”
Tithing is basically based on the Law of Karma. If one is facing some issues in life, it is because the person has negative karma in that particular aspect. The Karma can be of this incarnation or previous incarnation. By tithing one can offset its negative karma of any incarnation and generate good Karma. Hence, he becomes entitled to receive positive things in his life. We should understand this very clearly that one cannot harvest what he has not planted. In order to inhale, you have to exhale. The cycle cannot be broken. In order to receive, you need to give, give, give and give. If you plant a mango seed in a fertile land and take good care of it, you will get hundreds of mangoes every harvest season and right planning will soon have an orchard with thousands of mangoes. So it is with Karma. Good or bad planted in the fertile soil it comes back many many fold. If you throw a match stick, it will come back as a javelin. Its a natures law , we have to learn from it, what you plant will multiply. Period!
Further, it is very important to understand where to donate. You have to generate positive Karma in the very particular aspect where you facing obstacles. For instance – if one has cancer, he should donate to organizations which helps cancer patients. If one facing relationship issues with children, he should donate at orphanages, schools, etc. If one is unemployed, he needs to give to organizations who help people in earning livelihood. Or you give it to right spiritual organization which is the most fertile land ensuring abundant harvest.
We can help you to identify the aspect for which you need to donate. In particular cases, we can also help to identify how much one needs to donate. One needs to have the ‘entitlement’ to receive the healing. If you have greater good Karma, healing will work very effectively and will give fast results. If you don’t have good karma it is not the end of the world, there is nothing called as unchanging fate, you can generate good karma using your free will. Therefore, we emphasize on tithing i.e. donating 10% of your net earnings.
Remember – As you sow, so shall you reap.



Emotional issues- relationship issue with self, others, money and success

Psychological issues- Low self esteem, Low self worth, Learned Helplessness, Victim Mentality, Unregulated Fears, Self delusion, Denial mode, Limiting Beliefs, Indecisiveness, Procrastination, Self Destructive tendencies, Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness, Lack of Aspiration

Lack of Motivation and Enthusiam

Lack of Focus and concentration

Lack of Time and resource Management

Lack of Common Sense and Practicality

Social withdrawal

Financial Stress and constraints

Negative attitude towards Sex and money

Moralistic Judgement Tendency

Assumptions, Generalization and stereotyping

Gullibility and superstitious beliefs

Lack of will power

Inability to complete a task on time