September 19, 2016

Planetary Peace Meditation


The planetary peace mediation also known as Meditation on Loving Kindness, Metta Meditation, meditation for peace and compassion. It is also believed that it’s the base meditation for all higher meditations.

Planetary Peace Meditation is the foundation of all other meditations because it activates the Heart and Crown chakra of the practitioner. With the activation of the Heart and Crown chakra the internal condition of the practitioner is transformed. While doing this meditation one becomes a ‘Spiritual Conductor’ and the body gets filled with Light ,Hope and Strength.

When the Crown Chakra is not activated the connection with the higher soul is minimal. By Blessing the earth through the Crown Chakra, it gets activated and a lot of Soul Energy comes down. You become whole and more connected and one with your higher soul. Peace and love are brought down and thus can be also used to heal your inner anger and hatred.

We are living in an ocean of life energy filled with energy beings. When we bless them with Love, we also receive their blessings. During this meditation practitioner transforms despair into hope and doubt into faith. This whole inner transformation is also shared with fellow being on earth which helps them to- Transform Darkness into Light, Sadness into Joy, fills oneself and others with Light and inner joy.

a)    To achieve Peace and illumination.
b)   To attain world peace.
a)    Peace, Love & forgiveness is internalized.
b)   Cleanses the aura and chakras
c)    Physical and Psychological Healing.
d)    Accelerates the Spiritual Development
e)    Person becomes sharp and smart
f)     Intuitive capability increases
g)    One experiences calmness and stillness
h)    Building up of Antakarana: Increases Divine guidance, Intuitiveness, Divine Power, can channel more energy
i)     Facilitates the Higher Level meditations or foundation for other meditations
j)     One generates good karma
k)    Good Interpersonal relations
l)     Reduces Stress
m)  Prosperity increases as Productivity increases
n)    Increases ones healing ability (bigger chakras and bigger aura). More miraculous and rapid healings and can handle more number of healings. Thus you generate greater karma.
o)   Magnetic Personality
p)   Melatonin increases to 300%
q)    Divine Energy Flows down to the practitioner filling him with divine light, divine love and divine power.

Feel Free to get in touch with us to learn the process of practicing this meditation. 


This track of Planetary Peace Meditation in English is recorded live by the Senior Most Mentor of Yoga Prana Vidya Organization Retd Wing Commander Mr. NJ Reddy in his own voice at Sri Ramana Trust Ashram with more than 70 YPV Arhat Yoga Practitioners.


While this track of Planetary Peace Meditation in Hindi is recorded live by Mr. NJ Reddy in his own voice at Sri Ramana Trust Ashram with all 1-Year residential participants of Spiritual Intensive Program.


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