September 13, 2016


Some interesting facts about these courses:

Yoga Prana Vidya – Level 1
Discover the world of Energy and Chakrams within you.
Duration: 16 hrs (2 days)
Requirements: Open Mind & Patience

  • Understanding Energy Body, Chakrams,Aura and their impact on physical health.
  • Learn to cleanse the Aura and balance the Chakrams.
  • Learn to heal Oneself and others.
  • Sense and feel the energies around you.
  • Learn Rhythmic Yogic Breathing.
  • Learn Beautiful Meditation.
  • Techniques to instantaneously Rejuvenating yourself.
  • Law of Karma and how to use it effectively to improve your life.
  • Distance Healing.

Yoga Prana Vidya – Level 2
Discover the colors within the energy and their impact on the physical body
Duration: 16hrs ( 2 days)
Eligibility/Requirement: YPV Level 1

  • Chakrams and the colors which they aid to generate.
  • Learn the reasons how disease manifest in your body.
  • Learn rapid healing methods to handle chronic ailments like migraine, muscle pain, nose bleeding, arthritis, asthma, heart block etc.
  • Methods to enhance immune and defence system.

Yoga Prana Vidya – Level 3
Discover how to handle emotional upheavals and get rid of addictions.
Durations: 8 hours ( 1 day)
Eligibility/Requirements: YPV Level 2

  • Improve memory retention
  • Improve overall performance
  • Efficiency in office
  • Increase happiness quotient
  • Improve relationship equations by getting rid of old habits and thinking patterns.
  • Maintaining calmer disposition.

Yoga Prana Vidya – Level 4 & 5
Discover the world of crystals and learn how to use them for healing yourself and protecting against prejudices, psychic attacks,curses and jealousy.
Duration: 8 hours (1 day) for each level
Eligibility/Requirements: YPV Level 3

  • Learn how crystals effect your psyche.
  • How you can become more dynamic, tactful and not scum under pressure.
  • Protect yourself, family and work with crystals.
  • Shield against mental and emotional domination.

B. YPV Prosperity Courses

Yoga Prana Vidya – for Manifestation
Discover the law of nature and how can you align yourself to it for your benefit.
Duration: 16 hrs (2 days)
Eligibility/Requirements: YPV Level 1

  • Greater clarity to understand your goals and targets.
  • Learn multiple ways of creating powerful thought forms that will guide your life to success.
  • Purge old lingering habits and negative programming regarding success, prosperity, abundance and good health.
  • The Science of Tithiing and Decreeing.
  • Learn the law of entitlement to encash from your Karma Bank.
  • Discover the Eye Mudras, hand mundras and Chakrams which affect your prosperity.

Yoga Prana Vidya – Vaastu
Discover the enviornment energies from different directions and their effect on health, wealth, relationships & spirituality.
Duration: 8 hrs. (1 day)
Eligibility/Requirements: YPV Level 2

  • Learn about right direction to face for achieving success in busineess.
  • Learn the secrets of prosperity in kitchen.
  • Learn the direction your child should face to enhance intelligence and concentration.
  • Accelerate your spiritual development by meditating in right direction.
  • Learn about the directions from which the positive & prosperous energy enter into your house and business.

Spiritual Technology for Business Management
(Must do for Businessmen)
Discover how to run Prosperous Business using spiritual laws.
Duration: 8 hrs. (1 day)
Eligibility/Requirements: None

  • To increase business success and profits using laws of inner world.
  • Improve happiness quotient with proven breathing and meditation techniques.
  • Rapid and instant physical and mental recharging techniques.
  • To develop clear and sharp mind through Meditation.
  • Learn how to maintain productive, efficient and harmonius business/work enviornment.
  • Effective Time Management.
  • Improve Professional and personal relationships.
  • Learn about the Seven Rays and how they effect human behavior.

C. YPV Spiritual Courses