September 9, 2016


Walk the Path

Be an Inspiration

Share love and light

Courage of Conviction

Joy of preaching what we practice with awareness


Characteristics of trainers-
If you are inclined towards biology,psychology,conselling,science & spirituality.
If you have the flair to deliver the lecture that really matters to others
If you want to inspire others by being an example for others
If you want to serve intelligently and not just make people dependent or liable
If you love to motivate others they can do it too
If you genuinely feel the need of human beings more human ,compassionate with their life
If you feel that there is a better way to lead a healthy & wealthy life
If you feel that money and spirituality are two different sides of coin
If you feel that there is more of Yoga than just “Hatta Yoga”to propagate
If you fell that there is more we can do in lower mental age (Dwapara Yuga)(1700 AD to 4099 AD)
If you feel any of these,then ask us for career opportunity
Grow with us in our umbrella