September 9, 2016

About Us

Feed the Soul trust propagates the Yoga Prana Vidya teachings based on the actual experiences gained through years of practice. The teachings are based on the ancient science of healing the energy body, prevalent in various civilizations, systems, religions, cultures which are universal in nature. The teachings have been developed further with the modern findings, more understandings of the energy body with the kirlian photography and the other subsequent findings.

We offers certified Workshops, Training’s, Handouts, Audio Tracks in a structured manner. The workshops and material are relevant and practical based on the current needs and the requirements of modern person/common man.

Our organisation has Certified Instructors, Healing & Meditation Centers, Training Centers across India- Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Icchal, Dhule, Indore, Raipur, Patna,Hajipur, Lucknow, Varanasi, Bangalore, Mysore, Hassen, Vishakapatnam, Chennai, Hyderabad, Nanjangod, Cochin, Trivandrum, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Makrana, Calcutta, Ahmedabad along with Nigeria, Singapore, Dubai, Wellington New Zealand and Scotland.

YPV offers their own Material,Certificate and Handouts. YPV organization is a self regulated body and authorize trainers to conduct workshops designed & customised from the prevalent ancient science of energy healing.

The standards of becoming YPV Instructors are quite high and disciplined. The guidelines are clear and Instructors are required to follow the protocol which are transparent and same for all.

All these ancient science of energy healing existed but due to its vast & scattered material one couldn’t harness the benefits optimally.

Compiling the teaching which are practical and relevant to today’s lifestyle, need & requirement is provided in a systematic step-by-step manner which are practical, measurable and applicable in nature.

The objective of the seeker is to empower oneself than feeding the power to someone outside or something outside.

The benefits of YPV teachings are :

  • Clear thinking and increased happiness quotient.
  • Improved confidence and good self esteem.
  • Better memory and concentration.
  • Improved immune and defense system.
  • Better interpersonal skills and relationships.
  • Greater efficiency and harmony in work place.
  • Improvement in financial condition and overall abundance.
  • Balancing Material and Spiritual growth.
  • Helps one lead a meaningful and purpose oriented life.

Our Mission

Educate and empower the seeker with knowledge of applicable ‘tools and techniques’ to ‘address and overcome’ their day to day ‘issues and shortcomings’ at an accelerated rate.

Our Vision 

  • To have at least one person in each family across globe who is powerful,loving and intelligent & can handle opportunities & vicissitude’s of life in most efficient way.
  • Help the seeker lead a much comfortable and prosperous life.
  • Help the seeker connect with their true self,” I am”
  • Help the seeker to contribute their part to bring world peace.

Action Plan

Spread the teachings and make the seeker & learners being shift & uplifted in one’s life first.
Seek multiple means to keep the seeker & learner on path and practice with group.Aligning with the group in the most important aspect and can enjoy the accelerated development.

What we provide?

We provide solutions to all kind of issues, shortcomings, blocks, limitation with tools and techniques of YPV Energy Science. If there is an effect there has to be the cause, not knowing the cause exactly makes one feels helpless. Some assume that they know the cause but in reality its not the root cause. While some despite knowing the root cause cant get things right because they don’t know how to fix it or they don’t have the right tools or techniques.