September 9, 2016

About Us

What is Yoga Prana Vidya?

Yoga means Union With Atma.

Prana Vidya means The knowledge and Science of using Prana (life force energy which is also known as Chi, Ki in different cultures) for daily life activities

YPV includes the ancient teachings which are based on healing the energy body with the help of different ancient spiritual or yogic techniques. These spiritual techniques helps us in regulating emotions and thoughts, increasing correct awareness and perception towards various aspects of life; increasing will power, love aspect which makes person more energetic and powerful but yet humble in nature.

YPV teachings is prevalent in various civilizations, systems, religions, cultures and are universal in nature. All these ancient techniques of energy healing have been described in different religious and yogic scriptures but one couldn’t understand the teachings completly and harness the benefits optimally in daily life activities due to its vast, scattered and complex material. The teachings have been developed further systematically with the help of modern findings, more understandings of the energy body with the kirlian photography and the other subsequent findings.

Latest research in medical science has started accepting that negative thoughts or emotions releases unhealthy neurochemical in brain which cause further diseases in energy body followed by physical body. On the other side, postive thoughts or emotions releases healthy neurochemicals which helps in making energy and physical body healthy. YPV teachings helps a person in regulating thoughts and emotions resulting in good health and hapiness.

YPV teachings have been systematically divided into following different categories as per individual’s requirement which covers almost all areas of person life:

a. Propserity or abundance
b. Good Health
c. Spirituality – Union with Atma or God.

a. Prosperity

There is very misconception among people that money is the evil on the spiritual path and spiritual/yogi people shouldn’t possess money. Due to this misconception, many have not entered into spirituality and many yogis couldn’t get better resources to spread their teachings because lack of resources & money. YPV believes that a spiritual person should have more money (but no greed) so that the money can be utilized in helping needy people and getting resources to spread the teachings to lot of people. There are many mistakes a person makes in his/her daily life which blocks him in getting prosperity. YPV teachings help in making the person aware of such daily mistakes and helps in neutralizing the negative effect of past mistakes by teaching the ancient scientific techniques of prosperity and abundance. You can read more about Prosperity courses here.

b. Good Health

YPV healing can help in person getting healed from various ailments with the help of ancient healing techniques. These healing techniques helps in healing the energy body of the person where dirty prana is extracted out and fresh prana is given to heal. YPV healing is a kind of holistic treatment which works on body, mind and spirit together. The purpose of YPV healing is not just to heal the symptoms but to heal the root cause of the ailment so that no further disease develops because of same root cause. You can read more about YPV healing here.

c. Spiritual

In materialistic world, many of us have started realizing our self as body instead of realizing that we are soul which is immortal. Many of us have been victim of our own thoughts and emotion which is driving our life up and down. Sometimes, we take permanent action as per our thoughts, emotions or feelings which are temporary. This happens when our emotions are not regulated and connection with higher soul is not as strong as we required. YPV spiritual teachings helps you to make strong connection with your higher soul which guide person from taking wrong step or decision.

For those who are on a quest for spirituality, YPV provides a systematic, structured and safe platform for achieving illumination without disturbing daily routine activities. YPV spiritual teachings includes many inner scientific knowledge behind different religion, cultures and traditions which makes us realize that there is only one destiny but there are many different paths. To know more about our spiritual courses, please click here.

Implementation of YPV teachings in life makes us humble, compassionate, we start accepting people as they are and hence, helps us in maintaining healthy relationship with friend, colleagues,relatives and family members.

The benefits of YPV teachings are :

  • Clear thinking and increased happiness quotient.
  • Improved confidence and good self esteem.
  • Better memory and concentration.
  • Improved immune and defense system.
  • Better interpersonal skills and relationships.
  • Greater efficiency and harmony in work place.
  • Improvement in financial condition and overall abundance.
  • Balancing Material and Spiritual growth.
  • Helps one lead a meaningful and purpose oriented life.

Our Mission

Educate and empower the seeker with knowledge of applicable ‘tools and techniques’ to ‘address and overcome’ their day to day ‘issues and shortcomings’ at an accelerated rate.

Our Vision 

  • To have at least one person in each family across globe who is powerful,loving and intelligent & can handle opportunities & vicissitude’s of life in most efficient way.
  • Help the seeker lead a much comfortable and prosperous life.
  • Help the seeker connect with their true self,” I am”
  • Help the seeker to contribute their part to bring world peace.

Action Plan

  • Spread the teachings and make the seeker & learners being shift & uplifted in one’s life first.
  • Seek multiple means to keep the seeker & learner on path and practice with group. Aligning with the group in the most important aspect and can enjoy the accelerated development.

What we provide?

We provide solutions to all kind of issues, shortcomings, blocks, limitation with tools and techniques of YPV Energy Science. If there is an effect there has to be the cause, not knowing the cause exactly makes one feels helpless. Some assume that they know the cause but in reality its not the root cause. While some despite knowing the root cause cant get things right because they don’t know how to fix it or they don’t have the right tools or techniques.