Energy Transformation Techniques

Our Mission

Educate and empower the seeker with knowledge of applicable ‘tools and techniques’ to ‘address and overcome’ their day to day ‘issues and shortcomings’ at an accelerated rate.

Pain Relief

Harness the power of prana to accelerate the recovery process right now. Your body heals itself and with the energy assistance of our skillful healer you can save your valuable time.

Calm Emotions

We all lose our inner peace and don’t work towards getting back in a peaceful state. Get aware Now and learn how not to give the power to someone outside or something outside.

Mind Clarity

Lost, confused or don’t how to decide? Speak up and share what is bothering you and we will help you make those wise choices.

Spiritual Quest

Curious about your existence or finding purpose of your life it is easy to learn the universal truths once we understand energy. Explore the most comprehensive truths.


Express, Radiate and Experience Human Love and Divine Love
You become whole and more connected and one with your higher soul.

The planetary peace mediation also known as Twin Heart Meditation, Meditation on Loving Kindness, Metta Meditation very powerful meditation and also known as mother meditation base for all higher meditations. Planetary Peace Meditation is the foundation of all other meditations because it activates the Heart and Crown. Activation of the Heart and Crown is one of the fastest paths to Spiritual Development. Through this meditation your internal condition is transformed. When you do this meditation you become a 'Spiritual Conductor'. Your body gets filled with Light , Hope and Strength. When the Crown Chakra is not activated the connection with the higher soul is minimal. By Blessing the earth through the Crown Chakra, it becomes activated. Peace and love are brought down and can be used to heal your inner anger and hatred. When you do this meditation a lot of Soul Energy comes down. When you internally forgive those who have injured you , then you are in a position to Bless the Earth every person and every being . We are living in an ocean of life energy filled with energy beings.


YPV healing (or Energy Healing) can be used as a remedy for innumerable physical and psychological conditions, relationship problems, financial distresses and almost all difficulties in one’s life by balancing and cleansing of the energy bodies or ‘Chakräs’ of a being and thereby raising the consciousness of the person to higher frequencies.

Spiritual Retreat

Equip yourself with the YPV Arhat Yoga Workshop and then you can be a part of Spiritual Intensive Retreat conducted at Sri Ramana Trust Ashram in Thally in December 2016. Get in touch with us and we will share the details of it.